VoiceProtect Launches Up To $10,000 No Hack Guarantee

VoiceProtect Launches Up To $10,000 No Hack Guarantee

VoiceProtect is excited to release the first product that combines cybersecurity with financial security. Our 3-factor authentication approach using voiceID has been verified and underwritten by a strong financial backer. This enables VoiceProtect to give customers access to strong security that is backed by a No Hack Guarantee.

Why it matters

Before VoiceProtect, online consumers had to decide what is the best way to protect themselves online yet had no recourse if the cybersecurity product didn’t work for some reason. There are numerous cases where password managers or 2-factor authentication implementation were overcome by a hacker. And the victims in those cases were stuck holding the bag in terms of financial losses or hacked data.

VoiceProtect’s vision has always been to give consumers a hybrid solution that provides stronger security plus financial protections. And now that our approach has been verified by a financial partner, we are excited to be able to offer that.

This enables you to use VoiceProtect to secure your assets, data, and overall digital life, knowing that if somehow a hacker can get past our security you have financial recourse. We are very confident in VoiceProtect keeping you secure, but it’s always good to have financial coverage just to be extra safe.

How to enable your financial guarantee

VoiceProtect’s coverage includes up to $10,000 USD on financial accounts (bank, crypto, payment apps, etc) and up to $3,000 USD on non-financial accounts (photos, email, social). We included non-financial accounts even though there‚Äôs no fixed value on things such as photos, email, and files because we recognize it can be just as painful (and embarrassing) if those accounts get hacked.

To enable your financial protection simply add VoiceProtect to any account. You can use a password manager or SMS 2FA together with VoiceProtect. What’s great is VoiceProtect provides extra security to those things, and a key reason we can offer a financial guarantee.

By adding your voice as extra security to your accounts, passwords, and SMS 2FA, you will can have peace of mind knowing your accounts are secure and know your security is financially backed.

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