Secure your accounts and get paid up to $10,000 USD for any hack-related losses

Gain peace of mind with strong 3-factor authentication backed by a financial guarantee

Our products are trusted by over 30,000 customers

VoiceProtect Bundles Cyber + Financial Security into One Complete Solution

Three-factor protection that secures your passwords backed by a No Hack guarantee. We use voice biometrics as a third factor so your voice is the password.

Our voiceID technology, backed by a financial partner, provides cybersecurity and financial security. In other words,  complete hack protection.

Coverage up to $10,000 USD on financial accounts (bank, crypto, payment apps, etc) and up to $3,000 USD on non-financial accounts (photos, email, social). Read our No Hack Guarantee for details.

Criminals hack an account every 3 seconds. VoiceProtect provides security and financial safeguards for you to address that risk.

  • Identity theft begins when hackers compromise your accounts.
  • 81% of breaches are due to compromised passwords: passwords don’t work no matter how strong.
  • Two-factor authentication hacks have increased exponentially.
  • SMS 2-factor authentication is vulnerable to SIM swaps as hackers easily manipulate mobile carrier agents using hacked online information.
  • Critical flaws with authenticator apps if phone is compromised, plus websites rely on SMS as backup when phone or codes are lost.

Key Features and Benefits

Advanced 3FA Security

We layer voice authentication on top of passwords, password managers, and 2FA to provide the strongest 3-factor security.

Our Guarantee Covers Fiat, Crypto, Data, and More!

Provides downside protection for all aspects of your digital life – simply add VoiceProtect to those accounts and you are automatically covered.

Up to $10,000 USD Guarantee on Monetary Accounts

Comprehensive hack protection for bank, crypto, remittance, and investment accounts.

Up to $3,000 USD Coverage on Non-Monetary Accounts

Even though there’s no explicit value on photo, video, email, file-sharing, and social networking accounts, it can be more painful (and embarrassing) if they get hacked. So we provide coverage for those as well.

Encryption and Privacy

When registering you only provide your email or phone number plus voice authentication (each is encrypted). No other information is asked to ensure the highest level of security and privacy.

One Latte (or Chai) Affordability

We recognize a No Hack Guarantee is valuable but only if affordable; therefore VoiceProtect is priced at just 1 small latte or chai per month.

How to Protect Accounts with VoiceProtect

To protect an account with your voice, add your VoiceProtect phone number to the account as the SMS 2FA phone number. Then follow steps below when logging in.

Step 1

Step 1

When you login to an online account, the access code will be sent to us instead of you. We then send you an email (or text message) without the code.

Step 2

Step 2

When you click the link in the text message or email, you are asked to speak random words or digits to authenticate your voice. This takes just a few seconds.

Step 3

Step 3

The code is only shown if the voice matches yours.

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Life is too short to worry about hackers trying to steal your savings, identity, crypto and digital assets. You deserve better.

Protect yourself with strong security and financial protection.

Our Affordable Pricing

Get peace of mind of online and financial security for just 10 cents per day.

*plus applicable sales taxes (VAT may be charged for international users in future)

Cancel service anytime. Just click the Change/Cancel Service link in the footer.

Our products are trusted by over 30,000 customers