Block identity theft and hackers using biometrics and 3FA

Criminals hack an account every 3 seconds – use VoiceProtect to secure your accounts since passwords and 2FA are vulnerable

Our products are trusted by over 25,000 customers

VoiceProtect Ensures That Even If Hackers Know Your Passwords They Can't Access Your Accounts

Provides “voiceID” protection (like face or fingerprint on your phone) for passwords and 2-factor authentication.

Prevents hacks even if your passwords or phone are compromised, or if you are SIM swapped.

Less than 10 cents per day to have peace of mind your accounts are secure.

Secure your accounts like you secure your front door: with a deadbolt.

  • Passwords don’t work no matter how strong: 81% of breaches are due to compromised passwords.
  • Two-factor authentication has critical vulnerabilities.
  • SMS 2-factor authentication is vulnerable to SIM swaps as hackers easily manipulate mobile carrier agents using hacked online information.
  • Authenticator apps offer zero protection if phone is compromised, plus websites often rely on SMS as backup when phone or codes are lost.

What Makes VoiceProtect Different

Patent-pending three-factor authentication using voice as the third factor.

Strong Three-Factor Authentication

Packages 3-factors in an easy-to-use service.

First Voice Authentication for Consumers

Provides biometric-level security to secure accounts.

Your Secure VoiceProtect Phone Number

Receive a number designed for security. Ensures hackers can’t view access codes and let’s you avoid giving your number to services that misuse it for advertising.

Number Monitoring and Automated Freeze

No other number is locked from being SIM swapped, plus monitored and automatically frozen if detected.

Encryption and Privacy

You only provide a phone number or email plus a voiceprint (no voice recordings) and each is encrypted. No unnecessary information is asked to ensure privacy.

1 Small Latte Affordability

Online security is critical, but we also recognize it needs to be affordable; therefore VoiceProtect is priced at just 1 small latte per month.

How VoiceProtect Works

Following describes the authentication process using our web app once you have enrolled in our service and received your VoiceProtect phone number.

Step 1

Step 1

Add your VoiceProtect number to any online service. When you login to that service, the access code is sent to us instead of you. We then send a text message or email without the code to you.

Step 2

Step 2

When you click the link in the text message or email, you are asked to provide a passcode and authenticate your voice. This takes just a few seconds.

Step 3

Step 3

The code is only shown if the passcode and your voice are correct. So even if you were SIM swapped or phone was compromised, hackers wouldn’t be able to access the code (where with authenticator apps and SMS authentication they would).

Will This Happen To You?

Watch this fun reenactment of a chat between a hacker and a friend of someone who was SIM swapped. We all face this risk. It can happen to any of us.

Our Affordable Pricing

Peace of mind and online security for just 10 cents per day.

*plus applicable sales taxes (VAT may be charged for international users in future)

Cancel service anytime. Just click the Change/Cancel Service link in the footer.

*Our products are trusted by over 25,000 customers